Chiropractic Treatments

Dr. Andrew Leitzke and Dr. Tyler Leitzke of Precision Health and Wellness in Middletown, DE, believes chiropractic care is more just back pain relief; it's a full-body method of healing. We'd like to explain how it works and let you know what you can expect. 

General Information 

Chiropractic care is a generalized term to describe natural treatments that focus on your spine. Treatments help restore nervous system function and circulation throughout the back. All aspects of chiropractic care center around reducing or alleviating pain, preventing future problems, or enhancing flexibility and function. 

With this branch of medicine, our Middletown, DE, practitioner has the goal of healing, prevention, and pain management in mind without the use of medications. The center of chiropractic care is getting to the root of your problem and optimizing your health overall since the nervous system plays such a significant role in your overall health and wellness. 

What to Expect 

Upon your arrival, our practitioner will thoroughly examine you and discuss your concerns and goals. Our chiropractor will want to know about your medical history as well so we can tailor the treatment to your specific needs, especially since we may need to alter the treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

Afterwards, our specialist will decide on the proper treatment approach for you and discuss it with you. 

Finally, we'll administer the treatments, which could consist of a spinal alignment, exercise therapy, decompression therapy, and complementary treatments like electrical stimulation and cold laser therapy. We often use either the Diversified Technique or the Thompson Drop Table. We also provide realignments on various joints.  

Every treatment plan we provide is specific to your needs and situation. Often, your treatment plan may incorporate more than one technique. And for our long-term patients, we may change your treatment plan as you heal to accommodate and further enhance your treatment. 

For most problems, you'll need to see us several times to experience healing. Those with chronic conditions may benefit from seeing us on a regular basis. 

Conditions Treated 

Chiropractic care has a variety of uses, including treating back pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, disc herniation, and spinal stenosis. It also can benefit some people who have chronic headaches or migraines. 

For certain patients, routine chiropractic care can ward off problems that could arise down the road. 

At Precision Health and Wellness, both Dr. Andrew Leitzke and Dr. Tyler Leitzke give Middletown, DE, residents the option of chiropractic care, such as alignments and decompression. Our goal is to heal and relieve through natural means. We're also providing treatments that provide results with little to no side effects. 

Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care at our practice today by calling 302-449-1555.