Low Back Pain Treatments

If you are like the majority of people, at some time in your busy life, as a parent, a professional, a weekend athlete – or any combination of the above, it is likely you have dealt with some form of lower back pain. Pain that radiates through the lower back is characterized as a common occurrence with a variety of treatable causes. So, if you experience acute or chronic lower back pain and live/work in and around Newark, DE, Dr. Andrew Leitzke and Dr. Tyler Leitzke of Precision Health and Wellness can assist in identifying the cause and managing your lower back pain and related symptoms.  

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Although symptoms vary by underlying cause and the patient, the following are the common lower back pain symptoms –

  • A dull ache that may be localized or one that radiates down either leg.
  • A limited range of motion, accompanied by muscle tightness and stiffness.
  • Pain that deepens from any movement or even sitting/standing in one position for an extended period of time.
  • Weakness/numbness/tingling in either one or both legs and feet.
  • Difficulty in carrying/lifting items/objects or completing simple activities of daily life.

Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatments

For those who experience lower back pain, there are a number of effective and noninvasive chiropractic techniques that are effective in pain management relief and auto-injury care -  

  • Spinal decompression
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electric Stimulation Therapies
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

Change Your Lifestyle to Ease Lower Back Pain

The reality is that the aging process naturally wears away your spine and its optimal function. However, there are lifestyle choices that can be chosen to mitigate symptoms of lower back pain.

  • Select nutritious food, as this helps your body perform at its optimum. Poor food choices lead to inflammation, one of the primary causes of many medical issues.
  • Choose to lessen chaos and stress in your life. In response to stressful situations, your body produces cortisol – a stress hormone that has the potential to tighten muscles.
  • Do not skimp on sleep or rest – your body heals during these times.
  • Stay active. Movement and exercise maintain flexible joints, strong muscles, and correct balance.  

Contact a Leading Chiropractor to Relieve Low Back Pain

You don't have to give up your active lifestyle because of chronic or acute lower back pain. Contact Precision Health and Wellness, with offices in Middletown and Newark, DE, for a consultation or appointment online or by telephone at 302-449-1555. The Leitzke doctors look forward to developing a personalized treatment plan to help relieve or alleviate your lower back pain.