Neck Pain Treatments

Neck pain comes from many sources and can make it difficult to go about your activities of daily life. What you want more than anything is relief and you can find it from a chiropractor. Dr. Andrew Leitzke and Dr. Tyler Leitzke of Precision Health and Wellness in Middletown, DE, will treat you and your condition according to your individual circumstances. Every treatment plan is specific to the patient’s needs and goals.

Chiropractic adjustment

In our practice we use the Diversified technique, which is the most widely applied chiropractic adjustment technique. It uses a high velocity low amplitude thrust which helps to restore motion to a joint. We also use PulStar therapy, which is an instrument assisted adjustment which is precise and does not produce the cracking sound which some people find disturbing. PulStar is also a diagnostic tool and allows you and your chiropractor to see where the problems are in your spine displayed on a graph. 

Spinal decompression

When there are discs that have bulged or herniated in the neck, it can result in neck pain. One way to help with this pain is to use spinal decompression. This is a computerized type of traction that pulls the vertebrae gently apart. When the vertebrae move apart, the damaged disc can move back between the vertebrae where it belongs and stop pressing on the nerves. 

Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (C.R.M.A.)

CRMA is a diagnostic tool which can locate areas that have been damaged by traumatic injuries. It can locate areas of instability in the spine and in the soft tissues. With this information in hand, your chiropractor will be better able to determine the right plan of treatment for your injury. 


Acupuncture is used to restore the free flow of chi or energy in the body. By placing thin metal needles, or using lasers, magnets or electric pulses, your chiropractor can help to restore energy flow. Pain relief and reduction of inflammation can be achieved through the placement of the needles. 


Helping you to restore your ability to function naturally is done through physical rehabilitation, which involves exercises and stretches that help you to increase your strength and stamina. The exercises are targeted at your area of injury and help to get you back to better health. 

Dr. Andrew Leitzke and Dr. Tyler Leitzke of Precision Health and Wellness in Middletown, DE provide help with your neck pain. Give our office a call at 302-449-1555 to set up an appointment or reach out via our website.